Members of the core carbonate group

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Head of group
Name Position Extension E-mail

Cedric's picture
Dr Cédric John Senior lecturer in carbonate systems 46461
Members of staff
Name Position Extension E-mail

Simon's picture
Dr Simon Davis Research officer 46544 / 47482 (lab)

CarlJ's picture
Dr Carl Jacquemyn Post doctoral research associate

jonw's picture
Dr Jonathan Watson Research officer 49982
PhD students
Name Position Extension E-mail

ameliadavies's picture
Amelia Davies PhD Student 47143

mgusarevich14's picture
Maria Gusarevitch PhD student

thomasLB's picture
Thomas Le Blévec PhD student N/A

clairev's picture
Claire Veillard PhD student N/A
Name Position Extension E-mail

sharand's picture
Ms Sharan Dhami Post graduate student