3rd International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes on January 10-11, 2013 at Harvard University.

16 Aug 2012

Dear Colleagues,

In case you have not received any of our other emails:

We write to announce the 3rd International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes on January 10-11, 2013 at Harvard University.

The study of multiply-substituted isotopologues (or clumped isotopes) is a growing field within Earth sciences and geochemistry.  To date, most research has focused on either clumping in carbon dioxide or carbonate minerals with applications to atmospheric budgets, paleothermometry and diagenesis. But, there are also a series of new applications and discoveries.

 As we meet for the 3rd International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes we expect to discuss the existing carbonate and CO2 clumped isotope work as well as clumping in O2, organic molecules and other systems. The workshop will provide a small forum (80 to 100 people) for scientists to share novel insights into clumped isotope systematics, discuss calibrations of the carbonate clumped isotope thermometer, present new results on applications to Earth sciences, and explore exciting new avenues of clumped isotope research. 

If you are interested in attending, please fill out this brief application form by early October: http://environment.harvard.edu/clumpedisotopes 

The application includes an area where you can give a short description of what you would like to present or your research focus. Space is limited to 100 participants, so please apply early.

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive additional information about hotels and logistics, as well as information on how to submit an abstract. A $100 registration fee will be charged to all participants (waived for students), which will be used for meals and student travel support.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this engaging workshop. Please contact Lisa Matthews at lisa_matthews@harvard.edu with any questions (this email will automatically reply to Lisa).


Dan Schrag (Harvard)

Hagit Affek (Yale)

Ben Passey (Johns Hopkins)

Kate Dennis (Princeton)