Naomi Jordan

Naomi Jordan
Position: PhD Student
Office: N/A
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Research Interests

My main research interests cover palaeontology, palaeoecology and sedimentology, with particular interest in how whole ecosystems would have interacted, both between organisms, and also with their environment.  

I have collected fossils from the Blisworth Limestone and Gault Clay of England, worked on echinoid spines from the Cretaceous of Antarctica and studied the variation through time in the dimensions of crab claws as well as volunteering at Leeds Museum Discovery Centre and the Natural History Museum, London.  My undergraduate thesis  was on the palaeoenvironment of Portland, Dorset.  

As part of my PhD I am working on the palaeoenvironment of Lyme Regis, Dorset, investigating the depositional environment, including energy, water depth, ocean circulation and sediment controls, as well as diagenetic conditions, such as the preservation of aragonitic organisms in the fossil record. This is being done using a combination of fieldwork and modelling techniques.

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