Changes to the clumped isotope forum

28 Aug 2014

Dear all, 

Following a very succesful clumped isotope workshop in Zurich,  we have decided to change the scope of this forum slightly. Here are the few changes:

  1. Before the Zurich meeting, the intend of this forum was to be dedicated to shallow crustal applications of clumped isotopes. This has now been extended to ALL applications of clumped isotpe, but more importantly, this forum is now also the discussion forum for all TECHNICAL aspects of clumped isotopes.
  2. The forum is now visible by all, even non-registered users. So it is no longer "password" protected, i.e. anyone can read your post.
  3. You still need to have a login ID and password to post and reply on posts, so please do register if not done so far.

This forum is offered as a one-stop shop for all discussions regarding clumped isotope and is free. If the community feels something better is needed we might revert to it being for diagenesis and shallow-crustal applications only. Otherwise we will keep it as the clumped isotope forum.

Let me know if you have any concerns or wanted to be removd from the distribution's list.