Main take home messages from the 4th clumped isotope workshop

28 Aug 2014

Hagit suggested we should have a discussion thread on the main messages from the clumped isotope workshop, so that the wider community can have a feel of what was discussed.

For the instrumentation improvement session, I would say that the main messages were the following:

  • Scale compressions in all lab surveyed ranges from 2-30%
  • Electroform nickel and fused silica capilaries plot systematically with a lower HG intercept in a HG intercept - ETF slope space when compared to steel capillaries
  • Could this be due to water in steel capilaries? Inconclusive, but some existing trend between scale compression and d18O of carrara marble
  • The LIDI method published by Stefano et al could reduce sample size and speed up analysis - worth a try!
  • Play with your poropak temperature: lower could be better, but beware of fractionation if you don't increase transfer time!

This is in essance what we discussed. Please add your comments based on your session, and also based on what you took away from the workshop.


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Hi, When and where is going


When and where is going to be next cumped Isotope Workshop? We can have a special session on the same during 29th ISMAS-2015 International Conference to be held in Jodhpur, India during Feb. 2-6, 2015. Would be happy to have your inputs on this.

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Prof. S.K.Aggarwal