Carbonate Stains and D47

16 Apr 2015

Hi all,

Has anyone experimented with typical carbonate stains and any possible effects on D47?  I have a group of samples that have been stained with alizarin red s and potassium ferricyanide, was wondering if anyone has looked into this.  I'm not expecting it will be a problem, but just wanted to be sure!



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Only did with potassium

Only did with potassium ferricyanide, the only thing I can do is to help you get the topic renewed with the hope that it can be answered soon.

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Hi Will, Like Mandy, no

Hi Will, 
Like Mandy, no personal experience with this: we typically stain the thin section but analyse the thin section stub. But you could easily stain some carrara marble powder, analyse it, and see if there is a difference. Plus you can report this in your next paper for the rest of us! :)