Thomas Le Blévec

Thomas Le Blévec
Position: PhD Student
Office: N/A
Telephone: N/A

Research interests

I am working with Professor Olivier Dubrule, Dr Cédric John and Dr Gary Hampson on geostatistical methods applied to carbonate outcrops and carbonate reservoirs.

For the first year of the project we focused on modelling statistical asymmetries between facies. It was indeed observed that facies tend to be agenced in shallowing upward parasequences: subtidal, intertidal to supratidal. In the geostatistical literature, only Markov chain based methods are able to model such sequences but are limited to exponential covariances. Therefore, we have created a method based on Pluri-Gaussian Simulations able to create cross asymmetries between facies by using a spatial shift between the gaussian functions. Paper and code soon available ! 

Conference paper (IPTC 2016):

We are now looking at extending the method for more than three facies and using a wider range of variogram models.