13 May 2016

Dear all,

A few of you seem to be using / playing with the online "absolute scaling" tool that I set up back in 2014 (<>). This is just a quick message to let you know that I recently updated it to perform raw data reduction as well as absolute scaling, with support for arbitrary isotopic parameters and non-zero 17O anomalies. The scaling code has not changed in any significant way compared to the previous version.

Comments / bug reports appreciated, as always...

- Mathieu

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Mathieu Daëron
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Hi all, I'm making changes to

Hi all,

I'm making changes to the ClumpyCrunch web app (currently at The new version is based on new error propagation methods described in an upcoming paper—but still offers the option to process data in the same way as in v1—and is already online at After the paper is submitted the source code will be made public (

I'd be very interested in your feedback, whether you uncover bugs, offer advice or suggest improvements.

Cheers and good health to all of you !

- Mathieu