Easotope paper now available

14 Sep 2016

Dear all,

Devon and I are very happy to announce that our paper describing Easotope and the math implemented in the software is now available for download. As a reminder, one of the conditions to using Easotope (a free software) is to cite this paper somewhere in your articles. A suggested approach is to cite this in the method section, when you talk about data reduction and processing, simply mention you are using Easotope and cite the paper. 

The full reference (as it stands today) is:

John, C.M., and Bowen, D., 2016, Community Software for Challenging Isotope Analysis: First Applications of ‘Easotope’ to Clumped Isotopes, Rapid communications in Mass Spectrometry, Doi:10.1002/rcm.7720

You can access the full (pre-print) paper at RCMS by clicking here.


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Just an update, the paper is

Just an update, the paper is now out and can be cited as:

John, C.M., Bowen, D., 2016. Community software for challenging isotope analysis: First applications of 'Eastope' to clumped isotopes, Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom., Volume 30, pp 2285-2300 (available online, doi:10.1002/rcm.7720)  

Click on the title to go to the paper.