PhD and postdoc positions in the Hebrew University

26 Dec 2016

Postdoc and PhD student positions:

Job description

The Institute of Earth Sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) currently seeks highly-motivated, high-potential applicants as a postdoctoral fellow and a PhD student to work within the research project ‘Speleothem paleoclimate: accounting for isotopic disequilibrium’, funded through an ERC grant to Prof. Hagit Affek.

Isotopic records in speleothems are increasingly used to determine climate variability on land and for data-model comparisons. However, transferring speleothem records into quantitative climate parameters suffers from a major limitation: speleothem formation processes result in geochemical disequilibrium and there is currently no way to correct for it in paleoclimate data.

This research project will use a combination of Clumped isotopes (∆47) and Triple isotopes (∆17O) to quantify disequilibrium in cave records. Clumped isotope thermometry is a novel geochemical tool to reconstruct past temperatures. Carbonate Triple isotopes is a new tool to identify sources of moisture and is expected to be a sensitive indicator of disequilibrium.

In this ERC project, we will work through laboratory experiments and analysis of natural cave materials, towards understanding speleothem formation processes and their effect on the way in which speleothems record climatic conditions.



We seek a highly motivated candidate with the following requirements:

·                 Background in Earth Sciences, Climate Sciences, Physics, or Chemistry;

·                Laboratory experience in geochemistry, preferably in stable isotopes;

·               Experience in clumped isotopes or non-mass-dependent isotopic systems would be beneficial;

·               Experience in carbonate geochemistry or other aspects of speleothems would be beneficial.



For further information please contact Hagit Affek: