Announcement of the 6th clumped isotope workshop in Paris 9-12 August 2017

26 Apr 2017

Dear all,
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The 6th International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes will take place from August 9-12 2017 in Paris (IPGP) (the week just before Goldschmidt conference).

Registration and abstract submission will close on April 29th (in 4 days)

All relevant information can be found here:

In brief : The aims of this 2.5 day workshop are to bring together current and aspiring practitioners of clumped isotope measurements, to share practical knowledge and methodologies, to present new technical advances, and to discuss best practices, particularly in terms of data reporting, standardization and comparison of measurements from different groups. Notably, presentations and discussions will be organized around themes including the following aspects of the clumped isotopes methodological and interpretational frameworks: data processing, inter-lab standardization and data reporting, interpreting D47 values in carbonates, signal preservation, calibration, non-equilibrium processes, clumped isotopes in atmospheric CO2 and other molecules, and instrumental advances.

We hope you will consider joining us in Paris !

Mathieu Daëron, Magali Bonifacie, Pierre Cartigny and Dominique Blamart

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Dear all, In case you missed

Dear all,

In case you missed the opportunity to register for the 6th International Clumped Isotope Workshop, we can still accommodate a few more participants. The new deadline for registration (with or without a presentation) is Friday 12 May. For more details, please refer to the workshop website (, or feel free to contact us directly at <>.

- On behalf of the organizing committee:

Mathieu Daëron (

Magali Bonifacie (

Pierre Cartigny (

Dominique Blamart (