Invitation to participate to interlaboratory comparison of carbonate clumped isotope measurements (InterCarb)

19 Oct 2017

Dear fellow Isotope geochemists

In a little over a decade since the measurement of clumped isotopes in carbonates was conceived and then demonstrated to be possible, more than 100 people in ~20 laboratories have been using these measurements for their research. As the community is expanding rapidly, new laboratories are being set up and the analytical methods are evolving,  it appears necessary to evaluate the reproducibility of clumped isotope analyses across the community.

Discussions at the 6th International Clumped Isotope Workshop in Paris, France (ICIW6, August, 2017), centered around whether improvements could be made to inter-laboratory comparisons by anchoring measurements to carbonate mineral standards rather than CO2 standards. 

 Following the outcome of this discussion we are organizing an interlaboratory comparison exercise of clumped isotope measurements in carbonates.  One of the main goals is to test / quantify the inter-laboratory consistency of carbonate clumped isotope analyses corrected using carbonate standards exclusively. Participation will involve the analysis of a set of six carbonates. We are aiming at collecting data over the next approximately 6 months (until summer 2018). Afterwards, the results of this exercise should be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

 If you are interested in participating to InterCarb please send an e-mail  to

Detailed instructions on the samples and data reporting will be sent upon registration. 

The InterCarb organizing committee:
Stefano Bernasconi
Kristin Bergman
Magali Bonifacie
Mathieu Daëron
Nele Meckler
Brad Rosenheim
ETH Zurich
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