Precision D48 measurements - temperature signal and indicator of contamination

21 Mar 2019

I'm finding it hard to post an image so here is the url for a figshare image:

The plot is D48 versus D47 (Local Reference Frame) for standards, samples (vein calcite, forams, concretions) showing a clear temperature signal and lack of contamination. Data cover a range of d47 and d48.


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Hi Paul,  Beautiful signal!

Hi Paul, 

Beautiful signal! To be clear, when looking at D48 we look at an offset from the standards. In other words, we use a plot from d48 vs D48 for the standards and calculate the offset for our samples. Looking at the 4 ETH standards, on my machine, I don't have a clear temperature signal. Perhaps this is simply a good case to show how the MIRA is doing well!