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09 Sep 2011

Welcome to the our new community!

Please introduce yourselves by posting a response to this thread.

This website gives you access to a forum, a file exchange software (FileDepot), a simple community chat (the SoftRock Cafe) and a series of tutorials on how to use these tools. The main aims of our community is to apply clumped isotopes to problems related to carbonate diagenesis, thermal history of basins, and other medium to high-temperature applications. 

Welcome again, and let's make this a vibrant and active community!

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Joined: Feb 6 2011
Ok, seems like I better start

Ok, seems like I better start this myself!

My name is Cedric John, I am a lecturer (assistant professor) at Imperial Colllege London. My interest in clumped isotopes is in the context of sedimentary and diagenetic systems, i.e. to reconstruct temperature of precipitation as well as the isotopic composition of the fluid from which a mineral has precipitated. I work extensively in shallow-water carbonate systems, but also on paleoclimate reconstructions based on foraminifers and deep-sea core records. You can see my full research profile here.

In terms of our research for the moment, we are focusing on developing new manueal and automated lines (the IBEX) for clumped isotopes, and attempting calibration of different mineral systems at high temperature and pressures (i.e. reservoir conditions).

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Joined: Oct 8 2014
I am from India; President of

I am from India; President of Indian Society for Mass Spectromretry (www.ismas.org). We would like to have some invited speakers on clumped MS in our forthcoming 29th ISMAS-2015 International MS Conference during Feb. 2-6, 2015 in Jodhpur, India.

Please conatct me at skaggr2002@gmail.com

Prof. S.K.Aggarwal