Name and logo: like it? Hate it?

15 Sep 2011

Hey guys,

we do need to decide on a name for our group. I came up with iDeal and the logo, but we can change it if we find that it is not appropriate. This thread is for you to express your opinion on that.


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Paul Dennis
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Cedric, Thanks for setting up


Thanks for setting up this forum. You've done a great job.

I quite like the acronym iDeal. It's short, snappy and reasonably well defines the area of application even though we're excluding a large part of the P-T range of the lithosphere. I'm not sure I've seen a logo yet, unless you mean the typography used for iDeal.


Paul Dennis, Stable Isotope Laboratory, Environmental Sciences, UEA

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Thanks Paul. Yes, the "logo"

Thanks Paul. Yes, the "logo" is indeed the typography, reproduced below. I would fold the P-T application as part of deploying isotopologues in the lithosphere.