Claire N.H. Sena

Claire N.H. Sena
Position: PhD Student
Office: RSM 2.57J
Telephone: ++44 (0) 207 59 47143

Research interests

I am interested in carbonate reservoirs, in particular for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). My current project based in Oman aims at understanding the relative controls of depositional facies, early diagenesis and fracturing on heterogeneities in carbonates. I am due to graduate in 2012.

The project focuses on the Lower Cretaceous Jurf and the Qishn formations which were deposited on an extensive shallow water carbonate platform covering the eastern part of the Arabian plate. Geological models for these units traditionally assume a layer-cake stratigraphy and a high lateral continuity of facies. This is based on the assumption that epeiric platforms have low depositional gradients, broad facies belts and gradual facies transitions. With this project I intend to characterise interwell-scale heterogeneities of carbonate systems and understand their controls. This way I hope to contribute with information that could be used to build better flow simulation models.

My research topics are:

  • Understand the link between the depositional environment and the early diagenetic history to derive conceptual models linking the distribution of porosity with primary depositional factors. 
  • Investigate the relationships between depositional cyclicity and variations in diagenesis. 
  • Analyse the distribution of early fractures and assess the lithological control on fracture spacing. We look at how diagenetic processes impact on the mechanical properties of the rocks in order to better understand and better predict fracture distribution in carbonates.

Please feel free to contact me on my email. As Robin Bathurst said, lets share new ideas even if they are half-baked!

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