New Livfe (Papers 2) collection on clumped isotopes

25 Apr 2012

Hi guys,

For those of you who own Papers2 for Mac or Windows, and are registered to Livfe, you might want to check out the new collection I created: "Clumped isotopes and isotopologues". This collection is open to all, so feel free to join, add your own papers, start discussions, or go there to find references. 

In short, Livfe allows sharing of papers and discussing them. But you will need to own Papers2 (, which I highly recommend as a way of reading, marking and retrieving your PDF papers. Registering to Livfe is free.


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Sorry for the spam. Now that

Sorry for the spam. Now that three of you have joined, I can give a direct link to the collection, and it is visible on the Mekentosj webpage. Simply click here to access it, and feel free to comment on papers or add your own!