Amelia Davies

Amelia Davies
Position: PhD Student
Office: 2.57M
Telephone: ++44 (0) 207 59 47143

Research Interests

My current research interest is in paleo-temperatures and kinetic fractionation in non traditional fossil groups using clumped isotope geochemisty. This PhD project is carried out under the supervision of Dr Cédric John. In order to investigate the effect of biomineralization on clumped isotopic composition I am looking to target different invertebrate species for clumped isotopic analysis. The aim is to improve understanding of the factors leading to disequilibrium precipitation of calcite with regards to clumped isotopes. The outcome of this study should illustrate the potential for “vital effects” within the clumped isotope proxy.   

 2013 MSci project in the reduction of material specific contaminants in carbon dioxide for clumped isotopic analysis by improvements in gas purification procedures


2014 - present PhD in paleo-temperatures and kinetic fractionation in non-traditional fossil groups using clumped isotope geochemisty, Imperial College London

2009-2014 Imperial College London, MSci Geology (1st Class Honors)


Watts Medal 2013-2013 awarded on the results of the final examinations in Geology or Mining Geology

 “R Stoddart Longcroft Prize” for achieving highest overall marks in first year examinations

Engineering Dean’s List 2010 

Abstracts and conference Presentations 

Goldschmidt 2016 Invited presentation  "Inter and intra-shell clumped isotope variability in sea-urchin calcite: Investigating "vital effects" in Echinoidea"

Bathurst 2015 - Conference presentation "The clumped isotopic composition of a modern tropical shell assemblage: implications for deep-time temperature and δ18O reconstructions"